Why Mobile Safari sucks

  • Only 9 tabs. But this is by far not the most important.
  • No display of SSL security (HTTPS)
  • Silently recycles tabs! So, if you have an interesting page in tab #1 and decide to open a tenth tab, Safari will erase the first tab, with no possibility to recover it (it doesn’t display content on tab #1, it deletes and replace, so the back button won’t work). This is a major issue. No application should take irreversible action on content without requesting the user first.
  • When moving from one tab to another, Mobile Safari refreshes the page, which means that, if you logged in in a private page and want to see it later, taking advantage of the fact that it had already been rendered, it won’t work. You will have to log in again.
  • Limited back button. It is very hard to go back more than one step. Which means that redirections essentially make it impossible to go back at all.

What is the best alternative, according to you? You may give a different answer for iPhone and iPad.

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