Try Bitcoin… for free

Services called “faucets” allow to get some part of bitcoin for free. They are given away for a variety of reasons.

If you want to try “this Bitcoin thing” without giving your bank credentials or buy them, this is a good way to start. Just be careful. Below a selection a faucet I selected as safe and worth their time.

First, you must have a bitcoin address. If you don’t have one, just create a bitcoin address on the most popular wallet, Don’t worry, no site can steal your Bitcoin if they are on this address (except if gets hacked or goes rogue, of course – if this concerns you, create your own bitcoin wallet.

    • pros: safe, decent amount (for a faucet), audible alert/reminder allows to just keep the tab open, earn more if you invite more
    • cons: You must fill a CAPTCHA every hour
    • trap: Don’t play the dice game, you will eventually lose (martingale). Don’t deposit your own bitcoins. Withdraw frequently, who knows what may happen… Relies on advertisements and possibly the captcha you solve are used for illicit activities
    • pros: same as, but for Dogecoin
    • cons: same as, but for Dogecoin
    • trap: same as, but for Dogecoin
    • pros: safe, simple, nothing to do, earn more if you invite more
    • cons: very few bitcoin
    • trap: none

If you know some more, feel free to leave a comment. Also, remember: the point is not to “get rich”, it is to have enough bitcoin to start to be interested in the cryptocurrencies and the revolution behind it.

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