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Quick useful command lines

Mac and Windows CLI tricks

Make Apple faster

sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum .exit

(sources comments: [#1] and [#2])

It DOES work. For instance, check how many times bounced on the Dock before opening before and after you did this operation. Might prove worthy of use for Yojimbo, too.

Shrink (a bit) winsxs

dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded

Removes SP1 uninstall files.

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Quick notes with subadresses and filters

Gmail permits subadresses (a.k.a. “plus adresses” – RFC 5233).

By combining this and an adequate filter, I found any easy way to send myself not without having them lying around.

Here’s the way:

  1. Create a label “Notes”. Give it beige color (like Post-it) with the color 243,231,179
  2. Create a filter:
    1. “to:(” xxxxx is your gmail address
    2. apply label “Notes”

At first, you’ll have to type xxxxx+notes. If you are like me, you will soon only have to type notes and Gmail will understand.

Great time (and memory) saver!

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Using English

My English is good enough that I can highlight it on my résumé. But I am not a native and it shows, especially when talking. Even when writing, it is not that idiosyncratic; idiotisms, phrasial verbs and plain vocabulary are (somewhat) frequent shortcomings.

I try to use international English, because I find id “classier”. Colour, grey.

Tricks for non-native:

  • For translating a technical term, go to Wikipedia in your language, expect to have an entry for the term, then look on the left column for the English interwiki link (provided it exists).
  • For translating a phrase, go to It is a gold mine.

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