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Make Apple faster

sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum .exit

(sources comments: [#1] and [#2])

It DOES work. For instance, check how many times bounced on the Dock before opening before and after you did this operation. Might prove worthy of use for Yojimbo, too.

Shrink (a bit) winsxs

dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded

Removes SP1 uninstall files.

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Case study: making a huge IMAP account work again with

A 40 Gb Gmail account, accessed via IMAP with The machine has it harder and harder to still work. Old mails do not need to be instantly accessible.
Assign old mail a historic label (you can use a filter like before:2010/01/01). Activate Advanced IMAP feature lab in Gmail. In the Label tab, uncheck visible in IMAP for the historic label. The machine works again, the new mails are instantly available and for the old ones, web interface at the rescue!
Notes is notorious for not allowing IMAP unsubscription (except on Exchange). Fortunately, IMAP subscription is a server-side feature. So, if enabled at Gmail-level, all mail clients will comply. Even stoopid

I still have to check how behaves with an already cached folder. Does it empty the cache accordingly (this is what is expected)?

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Doléances : identités multiples et certificats autosignés

Voilà deux fonctions qui manquent beaucoup dans :

  • Le support des identités multiples permet de gérer plusieurs atterrissant dans la même boîte aux lettres. Pour le moment, je suis obligé de tricher avec des comptes fantômes…
  • Le support des certificats autosignés me permettrait de me connecter facilement à mon compte IMAP. Les autres MUA qui pouvaient potentiellement m’intéresser sont pires encore de ce côté-là puisqu’ils refusent carrément la connexion ( donne « juste » une fenêtre d’avertissement où je dois cliquer Continer)

Si vous connaissez des greffons qui font ça bien, je suis preneur.

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