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Following Thomas Linard’s advice, I put some microformats in my résumé (I took advantage of the opportunity to move to accessibilité Or[1]). I’m talking about hresume, and here I will point out what poses me problems in this otherwise interesting initiative.

First of, you shall know hresume has only hit the 0.1 milestone. Thus, it is normal that a lot of things are missing.

  • Internationalisation: should the micro-formats be in plain English (class="type" cell) or localised (class="type" mobile). (FR:(téléphone) portablecell)
  • Formatting: I could not find any guideline for formatting phone numbers. Should it be mandatory to format it in one way (more compelling, but less of a hassle for date analysis) or shall it accept different inputs (with all the burden of hermeneutics or what did he wanted to say? +33662489335, +33 6 62 48 93 35, +33 6 62 48 93 35 (unbreakable spaces), +, +33-6-62-48-93-35, 06 62 48 93 35, (0)6 62 48 93 35?
  • class and id: it is possible to use id when example give class (provided there is only one occurence of the id, of course)? Are microformats dependant on the property or the value (I hope the latter)?

That is all for now, I will post any other thing I can think about.

  1. Save for abbreviations, where some technical problems occur between Or and XHTML 1.1 relative to abbreviations, but WHATWG is working on it.

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