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New Wording Draft for Generated Content for Paged Media

The CSS WG published a new Working Draft for Generated Content for Paged Media. This module describes features often used in printed publications leaders, cross-references, footnotes, endnotes, running headers and footers, hyphenation, etc.) Many features have had very little review so far and feedback is requested.

If you send comments, please send them to this mailing list,, and prefix the Subject with [css3-gcpm] (as I did on this message).

Here it is (this very version)

That is great, because I’m in the process of writing proofreading several books now.

Much like we may expect one page, whatever the medium, we may finally have hopes for one typesetting language, whatever the medium. Yes, I now LaTex is way better than CSS3 or even XSL:FO (including XSL/T if you consider table of contents).

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