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WordPress Theme Directory: request for more filtering options

The Official WordPress Theme Directory sucks.

Sorry guys, I am sure you spent quite a time on it. And I am very grateful that every submitted theme is screened against malicious code. And yes, I know about the tag-filter. But it is just not enough. Not anymore.

The directory needs more, much more. With literally thousands of themes and more coming every days, the present system does not help promoting newest features. Most themers won’t even know a given feature exist, because it is not advertised properly (by including a filter checkbox on the theme directory). And power users get frustrated.

Two examples:

  • TwentyTen theme has a cool feature that the text editor mimics the styling of the public page. I would like to see more theme with this, but I can’t, because I don’t know the name of the feature and there is no tag filtering for this.
  • Dropbox CDN plugin makes your blog load faster but requires a stylesheet_directory entry in headers.php for the theme in use. Heck, even TwentyTen doesn’t have this!
  • A lot of plugin are just reinventing the wheel. Sure, choice is good, but too much choice (particularly without explanation) is not good. Drupal has a working project on this and Ubuntu sort of fixed this straight from the beginning.

I think the whole theme directory should be rebuilt with automatic testings. Such a thing is already being done for screening submitted themes against malicious code (you can do the same for a theme downloaded somewhere else with the ). It “just” has to be done the same for these other feature. Plus, that would inspire themers to do more than just a new skin with some widgets.

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Manque : meilleurs outils de filtre Gmail

Les filtres gmail sont très puissants, mais on pourrait un peu les améliorer :

  • Pouvoir enlever tous les champs de filtre sauf contenant les mots. En effet, pour des utilisations avancées, les autres champs sont juste inutiles, voire contre-productifs.
  • Changer le champ contenant les mots en champ multi-ligne, pour faciliter la saisie de filtres complexes.
  • Un argument commun à from/to/cc/cci, pour ne pas avoir à dupliquer (voire quadrupler !) les règles.

Vous aussi vous aimeriez que ça se fasse ? Alors : suggestions pour Gmail !

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