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Versioning highlighting: Google Docs sucks, MediaWiki rocks

As much as I like Google Docs, I must admit its revision mechanism is far from optimal. MediaWiki (Wikipedia) is much, much better.

  • No arbitrary revisions. Google Docs cannot compare two arbitrary revisions, but only a revision compared to the latest (present) revision. This is the least annoying of the issues but it already prevent monitoring a series of modifications in a row.
  • No permalink. Google Docs doesn’t give permalink for revisions. This often annoys me, I need this feature for collaborative editing
  • Slowness. Multiple-page revisions may take up ages to display – they might even crash the computer!
  • No synoptic summary. Google Docs doesn’t show the differences altogether, but “in the text”. If this is a probably OK for a 20 lines documents, it is unusable for several-pages documents. This is by far the most annoying thing, wich makes it unusable

In our publishing house, we have to resort to a mix of MediaWiki and Google Docs because of this…

Please Google, do something!

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